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General Disclaimer: All review sites can be biased and manipulated by competitors. For example, many postings on Ripoff Report, Yelp, Complaints Board, and other sites may have been written by competitors or PR firms acting on behalf of one company or another. As a result, it takes more research to find out if a company is good or bad. BBB ratings are also tough to decipher, since companies with hundreds of complaints will have an A+ ratings, but similar sized companies with a handful of issues will get an F rating. A better guide than the number of complaints would be a reading of how the complaints were resolved. Finally, the biggest processors will usually get the most complaints, and in more than a few of those complaints the issue will involve improprieties on behalf of the merchant that got accounts pulled by parties like Visa and MasterCard, so the processor had not actual hand in the complaint.
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Capital Processing Network Reviews and Complaints

According to press releases and other online information, Capital Processing Network has a portfolio of 10,000+ "low risk" clients and leverages these customers into a group that can get less expensive rates on credit card processing.

Review of Capital Processing

Capital Processing Network is a Phoenix, Arizona based merchant processing company founded in 2006. Their core audience is small and medium sized companies, and their online literature indicates that they serve "low risk" clients and therefore do not take clients looking for adult, pharma, or gambling payment processing. Their site reveals that they serve a wide variety of business types including veterinarians, restaurants, bookstores, and non-profit organizations. Capital Processing Network also has local agents in major cities around the US, from California to Florida, and boasts of the ability to set up accounts over the phone for customers who do not want an in-store visit, or who may be too far out of a major city to see a merchant account representative in person.

Capital Processing Network also shows a wide array of credit card processing equipment including portable and wireless terminals, payment gateways (including and check processing equipment. The site also indicates compatibility with most major POS software types. Positives for include the use of local sales agents, US-based customer support, and swift resolution of customer issues. They also appear to have a new set of credit card terminal troubleshooting videos which are useful even if you don't have an account with them. One interesting question that they answer is how to change the time on a credit card machine. This is by far one of the most common questions to customer service departments, and also one of the most puzzling issues with terminals since the time changes twice a year for 95% of the people in the United States.

Capital Processing Network

The most important factors in a review for Capital Processing involve customer satisfaction and the number of complaints shown on other message boards and third party review sites. The BBB review for Capital Processing Network shows 22 closed complaints, which is low for a company of their size. Similar processors show more complaints, but a standard disclaimer for all credit card processing companies would have to include the caveat that some customers will complain about anything, or use a bad review as a negotiating tactic. Some very high volume companies have hundreds of complaints and an A+ rating because they are willing to work with consumers to get issues resolved, even when the customer is clearly at fault.