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General Disclaimer: All review sites can be biased and manipulated by competitors. For example, many postings on Ripoff Report, Yelp, Complaints Board, and other sites may have been written by competitors or PR firms acting on behalf of one company or another. As a result, it takes more research to find out if a company is good or bad. BBB ratings are also tough to decipher, since companies with hundreds of complaints will have an A+ ratings, but similar sized companies with a handful of issues will get an F rating. A better guide than the number of complaints would be a reading of how the complaints were resolved. Finally, the biggest processors will usually get the most complaints, and in more than a few of those complaints the issue will involve improprieties on behalf of the merchant that got accounts pulled by parties like Visa and MasterCard, so the processor had not actual hand in the complaint.
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Heartland Payment Systems Reviews and Complaints

Heartland Payment Systems is one of the major processing companies in the US today, and has a massive client load with over 250 thousand customers.  Aside from credit card processing services, they have a full suite of business services like payroll, marketing, micropayments, and lending. According to Wikipedia, Heartland is the 5th largest processor in the United States and the Ninth largest in the world. They have offices in Texas, Colorado, Tennessee, Oregon, Indiana, and Ohio.

Applause and Problems

Headquartered out of Princeton, New Jersey, Heartland advertises that they save customers money with Interchange Plus Pricing. They also show that they consolidate pricing onto one statement with the American Express OnePoint Program, which is available to a variety of processors. Similarly, they advertise Next Day Funding, and a US based service center. On the Heartland website, the pitch is for transparency, indicating that for credit card processing you will understand all of the associated fees that come with processing credit cards. They focus on small and medium sized businesses