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Want to know what's good or bad about your merchant account provider? When you learn more about potential companies, you can often negotiate the best deal on card processing and you also have a better understanding of all the jargon used in the world of credit card processing.

It isn't hard for an individual or a group to become an ISO of another processing company or financial institution. What you want to look for is a company that can handle a lot of clients, and has good customer service, and can save you money.

How to compare merchant services accounts

Merchant account comparisong should be based on a few main factors. First is price, and you need to be sure that overall you are getting great rates overall. Lots of stores advertise ultra-low interchange markups, or quote a rate of 0.07% without telling you that this is the amount ADDED to the published cost, and there is a fee for the transaction (10 to 25 cents) and you have to pay a statement fee, PCI compliance fee, PCI non-compliance fee, IRS fee, TIN Validation Fee, terminal leasing (big!), puffy pants tax, and other various assorted charges for using your account. Some of these fees could add big dollars to your total every month, and many are negotiable. Surprisingly, when doing a rate comparison you may find yourself saving thousands of dollars a year on a new processor that makes all these charges, so don't discount a quote just because of all the add-ons.

The second major factor in merchant services is "services." What are you getting, and who is providing it? You may get 24 hour service, but who does it come from? The quick way to compare customer service before buying is to call the customer support line, and see how long it takes you to get to a real person. Two levels through the automated system should be enough to get you a real person, and hopefully that person does not have too thick of an accent. You shouldn't reject a company just because some of the service gets outsourced offshore, but if you are unable to understand the customer service rep you may have issues later. All terminals periodically experience glitches, or you may have a billing issue, so you want to be sure you will be getting taken care of.