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General Disclaimer: All review sites can be biased and manipulated by competitors. For example, many postings on Ripoff Report, Yelp, Complaints Board, and other sites may have been written by competitors or PR firms acting on behalf of one company or another. As a result, it takes more research to find out if a company is good or bad. BBB ratings are also tough to decipher, since companies with hundreds of complaints will have an A+ ratings, but similar sized companies with a handful of issues will get an F rating. A better guide than the number of complaints would be a reading of how the complaints were resolved. Finally, the biggest processors will usually get the most complaints, and in more than a few of those complaints the issue will involve improprieties on behalf of the merchant that got accounts pulled by parties like Visa and MasterCard, so the processor had not actual hand in the complaint.
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PayPal Here Reviews and Complaints

A common alternative to the Square credit card reader is PayPal Here, a triangular blue plastic dongle that attaches to your smartphone. They offer (at the time of this writing) a 2.7% rate, same day access to funds, and live customer support, in an apparent response to people's complaints about the Squareup reader. Another advantage is that many sellers who may be familiar with PayPal through eBay sales will have more trust and experience with the PayPal brand.

Issues and Testimonials

Like the Square credit card reader, PayPal is different from a traditional merchant account, so larger sellers and businesses may want to negotiate a better rate or get more professional credit card equipment like terminals. While a 2.7% rate may be attractive to small sellers, bigger businesses would prefer the even lower rates that come with a qualified merchant services contract. The convenience of PayPal Here is that it is compatible with Android and iPhone smartphones, and credit card numbers can be keyed in if a card can't be swiped. (The same is true for Square.) PayPal's card reader encrypts card numbers and the app makes it possible to manage multiple locations as if they were real checkout lines. PayPal also has innovative solutions like the ability to withdraw deposited funds through a PayPal merchant debit card within minutes of deposit and get 1% cash back on eligible purchases. PayPal's leverage as a credit card acceptance tool for eBay sellers and other online merchants has made it possible for them to quickly gain inroads into the new smartphone credit card reader market.

Paypal, like Amazon, Square, and First Data, are working on POS solutions and ways of making payments easier. A new QR code based mobile wallet function is coming online and may be the wave of the future for doing purchases when you have no physical credit cards in your pocket, and since you can fund a PayPal account through EFT then you might not want to get credit cards should enough outlets provide PayPal access.