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Who has the best software for merchant accounts?.
Credit Card Software Review

Virtual Terminal and Payment Gateway Reviews

Who has the best payment gateways and virtual terminals? Did you know that you can get payment gateways through a single company but still pay different rates for credit card processing depending on your merchant account servicer? Find out how to save on credit card processing through gateways, virtual terminals, ecommerce apps, tablets, and smartphones.

POS Software and Virtual Terminals.

POS software usually integrates payment processing, but the best POS solutions for merchants will make it easy to swap the Merchant ID (MID) and automated contact data so you can get better rates by shopping around. Note that some proprietary POS systems have been designed to keep you chained to a single processor's high rates, and in fact many processors have essentially white-labeled a popular storefront program but made code changes that make it impossible to switch processing companies. As a result, you are stuck paying high rates unless you tear out the POS system, which is generally too much of a pain. Even so, you may be able to threaten to switch and get discounted card processing with the current vendor, since they would rather make a little money off your high volume than no money at all. POS systems are most popular in restaurants and medium-sized retail stores, and they often tie into inventory management, payroll, and timeclock programs so it it possible to manage your business from a central terminal.

Most virtual terminals and software apps for credit card processing are designed for situations where the credit card is not present. For example, a website may take orders by using software and a gateway, or a catalog sales company may take orders over the phone, and in these cases the card is not swiped so there may be no need for a physical terminal.