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The field of credit card processing reviews is a growing business, and you need to be sure you are getting unbiased information.
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Best Credit Card Terminals for the Money

Who makes the best credit card terminals for the money? Find out whether you want models by First Data, Nurit, Verifone, Square, or PayPal.

A good credit card machine must be durable, connect quickly, and get customers on their way. Even going into 2014, receipt printers are in high demand, as evidenced by the thermal paper rolls being ordered by merchants. The drawback of Square and related readers is that you often need an email address to get a receipt, and people don't want to furnish you with that information.

Hint: Look for EMV and PCI features for Terminals

No review of credit card terminals would be complete without recommending that you find the best model for your business type. Retail stores may want terminals the interface with POS systems, print receipts, and have PIN pads for debit card processing. Phone and internet sales companies may prefer virtual terminals and payment gateways since they don't need a physical terminal to complete processing. People who sell at flea markets and craft fairs might be happy with a Square credit card device for their smartphones if they are only making around $1000 per month. In any case, the acronyms you want to keep in mind are PCI (payment card industry) and EMV (Europay Mastercard Visa). PCI is in charge of standards for credit card equipment, and ensures that terminals, gateways, and infractructure are secure. Many older credit card machines are outside PCI standards and may present a risk to the merchant, who is liable for data breaches. On the EMV side, new credit cards are coming out with "contactless" feature and/or little gold contact pins on the face of the card that require you to insert the card into a machine. Visa and MasterCard, as well as AMEX and Discover, have EMV requirements in place that mean you need to accept these cards by April 1, 2013. In many cases you just need to add a piece of technology to your credit card reader, but in some situations you will have to purcase a new machine that is capable of accepting these cards. Naturally, you will want to accept these any since the magnetic stripe on your credit card will be phased out anyway, but this requirement means that it is a good idea to get with the program and upgrade your terminal. As for PCI requirements, you should always make sure that your credit card acceptance device is PCI certified, since you are not only liable for fraudulent charges but your credit card processing company also charges you a monthly fee if you aren't compliant.